Travelling Chronicles - RP
A non-stop fun adventure across the lands and seas! (Roleplay)

Hi and welcome to my newest role play!


This roleplay is.... still open! >3>


This role play is about travelers who go to all sorts of places and make all sorts of friends, its also full of monsters! In a fantasy themed world. :3


2: No cursing, gore, and nudity.
3: Pictures are allowed.
4: No talking about anything unrelated to the rp, if you have something to say, comment on my profile.
5: You may have as many characters as you want, just try not to go overboard. XD

Character-creating form:

Special Ability Character Form:

Name: (name of character)
User: (your username)
Age: (age of your character)
Special Ability: (a special power for your character, eg: time manipulator or something)
Personality: (how your character acts)
Bio: (the life of your character)
Weapon: (what your character uses to fight)
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Normal Character Form:

Name: (name of character)
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Age: (age of your character)
Personality: (how your character acts)
Bio: (the life of your character)
Weapon: (what your character uses to fight)
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Name: Emelia
Age: 18
Special Ability: Turns into a mermaid whenever she goes into water.
Personality: Kind, gentle, sensitive, and can get very snippy when annoyed.
Bio: She grew up in a rich family, but her father died when she was 15, not long after, her mother grew ill and died too, she wants to become a doctor to cure diseases such as the ones that killed her parents. She researched a lot of medical books and has experienced making medicines.
Weapon: Bow and arrow.
Picture: Click

Name: Flora
Age: 14
Special Ability: Her hat turns into a flower when she pours special water on it, she can also manipulate plants making them grow etc.
Personality: Bright and cheerful, always active and running around, can be very stubborn at times.
Bio: Flora's parents were against her becoming a traveling flower merchant, so she left home and became one anyway, because it was her lifelong dream to sell all kinds of flowers and around the world.
Weapon: Plants.
Picture: I drew this myself X3

Name: Amiah
Age: 11
Special Ability: Can summon animals and communicate with them.
Personality: Jolly, nice, kind, sweet, and helpful.
Bio: Abandoned by both parents, Amiah lives in a forest with her friend animals.
Weapon: Magical bow and arrow.
Picture: (N/A)

Name: Snow
Age: 12
Special Ability: She can control time and freeze things by thinking some 'thoughts of wisdom' that her grandma taught her.
Personality: Active and has a good sense of humor that can bright up a fellow adventurer's day. When she was young, she was the most gifted child of her family.
Bio: Snow was left at her grandparent's house after she was born because her parents was surprised that her eyes looked different. When she grew up, her grandma taught her 'thoughts of wisdom.' When she was 12, her grandparents died and so she escaped and had an adventure of her own.
Weapon: An ice scythe.
Picture: N/A, but here's a description.

- Snow white hair
- Blue eye on the left side
- White eye on the right side with a blue star on it
- Fair skin
- 4'11
- Blue scarf
- White dress
- Blue gloves
- Blue and white leggings
- Blue sneakers with a white star on the right side

Name: Hotaru
Age: 13
Special Ability: UNKOWN
Personality: Afraid of almost anything and everything, if she gets really angry, something bad will happen.
Bio: When Hotaru was 3, scientists found that she was unlike any other child and had extreme hidden potential in magical power. They wanted to conduct experiments to turn her into a weapon but her parents wouldn't let them, so the scientists used force and destroyed Hotaru's parents..And half of her hometown. They took her into custody and locked her in a dungeon, they conducted experiments trying to unlock her potential and brainwash her into believing they were good guys trying to do the world good. Hotaru knew better...10 years later the research facility was destroyed, A group of adventurers were against these scientists and had finally taken action. One adventurer in particular came to save the 13 year old Hotaru, and he disappeared into the night. Ever since that day Hotaru has been traveling the world in search of her hero, and to become a great adventurer to show him that his efforts were not in vain.
Weapon: Wooden Staff She found in the research facility
Picture: N/A

Name: -Currently Unkown-
Age: unknown
Special Ability: Elemental manipulations and can talk to animals.
Personality: Quiet, lonely, gentle, and quick to move.
Bio: lost in history.
Weapon: She carries a katana.
Picture: Description: This mysterious wanderer has long blonde hair, kept mostly in a ponytail, ragged & knotted from improper showers. Her old green kosode and white hakama ragged and weather stained. Her 5'3 height isn't much to speak for, but her beautiful blue eyes that have subtle flakes of gold around the iris. Her skin is soft and scared, and her hands and feet are callused.