Mysteries Of Cross High - RP
A Paranormal Roleplay (Roleplay)

Welcome to Mysteries of Cross High!

If You want to join just message meor

"Where Demons Laugh
"Where Monsters lurk behind the walls
"Where Humanity sinks into Darkness

Now Let's Start with our Plot


Everyone seems to be afraid of Cross High..,A mysterious school which was built a long time ago,Rumors say Teachers are Monsters who eat students,Monsters or Demons lurk behind the walls,Population in this school seems small,But is this because of the Demons?...,As a student,You might be the next victim..,Can you ever survive?

Let the Paranormal acitvity BEGIN....

Okay Let's start off with Rules!


1st. I want a clean roleplay! No sexual stuff!
2nd. No God Modding!
3rd. Although this is a Horror Roleplay,Please make the Horror 50%,I don't want you guys to have Nightmares
4th. You can have as many characters as you like as long you can handle to them
5th.If you wanna be a victim of a Ghost or Demon,You may create your own Ghost or Demon
6th. Please follow all the Rules!

In joining:

Name:(Please Full Name!)
User:(Your account CPDDU)
Age:(No aiming for the Youngest!,I'll set up as Grade 6 as the minimum for the age limit)
Class:(The Teachers are NPCS so you GodMod them okay?,Also Please put what Grade are you in.)
Personality:(How your character acts)
Other:(I really love creative facts! Please put them here ex: You're secretly a wizard,Or you have a traumatic past)
Picture:(It's no NecesarY)


Grade 6:
6-A - Teacher Emily
6-B - Teacher Rachelle

First year High School:
1-A - Teacher Rikako

2nd Year High School
2-A - Teacher Mai

3rd Year Highschool
3-A - Teacher Misaki

4th Year Highschool
4-a Teacher Ai

Okay here Are the Characters

Name: Emiko Kinoshita
Age: 12
Class: 6-A
Personality: Sweet,Shy,Helpful and Kind
Other: She's actually a quarter demon,But the Demons in Cross High have no relation to her,So she decides to solve the Mysteries that lies across cROSS hIGH,But because of her sad past she became quite scared and shy.

Name:Trixia Farrow
Other:She might be still at grade school but secretly a physic that could sense demons and ghost but also could read the aura of people.
Picture:Still FindingXD

Name: Angela "Gelai" Pineda
Age: 11 and a half
Class: 6-A
Personality: Gelai is a loner and can be sensitive at times. She's good at leadership, but then, she doesn't agree when people encourage her for her leadership skills.
Other: Her only friends are Emiko and Trixia. The three of them are being haunted by a ghost named Almira, one of the popular girls at Cross High that died in an accident.
Picture: N/A