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To provide a carefree, accessible place for people to expand their creative abilities.

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Hi, I am the site admin & creator
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Graduated from university in 2009 and now working as a software engineer. Launched this site on August 22nd back in 2008. I live with my husband, daughters and bunnies. You may know me from sites such as Elftown, Gaia and Kingdom of Knuffel. My laptop is pink.

Random things I enjoy
Graphic tablets, music, karaoke, martial arts, artificial intelligence, robots, game design, cartoons, laser tag, bunnies, camping, golf, science fiction movies, web comics, manga & anime, swans, sushi, planet earth, point-and-click adventure games, Ghost Trick, instant noodles.

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My Gaia hangout: Noodles & Doodles

Oh, and thank all you guys for your lovely fan art! ^_^

RIP Usagi, my sweet little bunny

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October 30, 2020 18:45 (11 months ago)
I understand now may not be the best time, but let me know when you are up to doing some coding to help me accomplish CSS stuff.
Ookami Kenran
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Message by Alina_Mau was deleted
November 5, 2020 17:54 (11 months ago)
November 25, 2020 2:52 (11 months ago)
December 8, 2020 9:43 (10 months ago)
Happy birthday 🎂🎈🎉💖
December 8, 2020 17:25 (10 months ago)
Happy birthday!!! :D I hope you have a wonderful week! <3
Ookami Kenran
December 9, 2020 17:34 (10 months ago)
I wish you luck on your exam as well! ^u^
Ookami Kenran
December 12, 2020 18:08 (10 months ago)
FWD from CB
I've also been meaning to write something to prevent imgs from streching too.
Ookami Kenran
December 12 11:38
I probably won't get a chance to fool with it until after the weekend, but you can try word-break: break-all; or break-word;
Ookami Kenran
December 24, 2020 19:00 (10 months ago)
If I may, I don't think the blue looks good... It contrast with the red text in a bad way, but that's just my opinion...
Ookami Kenran
December 24, 2020 20:10 (10 months ago)
I thought transparent white was best; I did send it to you, I should probably explain my code better...
Ookami Kenran
December 25, 2020 17:29 (10 months ago)
Vrolijk Kerstfeest!!!
Ookami Kenran
January 3 16:49 (9 months ago)
That's awesome! :D Great work!
Ookami Kenran
January 12 15:31 (9 months ago)
I was curious, I never asked what you were going to do with C#, do you have any plans?
Ookami Kenran
May 3 20:05 (5 months ago)
May I ask, what are your color preferences?
Ookami Kenran
May 4 0:19 (5 months ago)
Just in general / for surprises
Ookami Kenran
May 27 23:53 (4 months ago)
Is it possible for you to tell me specifically when I got my roles? I was also curious if your could see my activity since the beginning? I'm wanting to put some dates together...
Ookami Kenran