X-mas Coloring Book Oekaki Contest 2012
Official art contest (Contests)

Welcome to CPDD's first official coloring book contest!

What is going to happen:


~ Part 1: Line art contest ~

December 6th - December 21st

On the oekaki board, draw some pretty line art that will be interesting for people to color. When you're done, put your final line art on the top layer and leave some empty ones below it for people to start coloring on. Submit your picture "to the coloring book" and write that it's a contest entry, you can enter as many times as you want. Please don't color any of your entries yourself.

X-mas at CPDD (i.e. make it X-massy and about the site somehow, you could use friends' avi's, npc's, site items, costume designs, chibi style, emotes, be creative!)

will be done according to the number of "favorites" a piece collects until the start of Part 2. The moderators will have the final say in case of a tie or doubts about the line art quality.

winning piece will be used for Part 2 of the contest, there will be prize badges for the best ones. To prevent confusion, runner-up entries will be added to the coloring book once the coloring contest is over.



~ Part 2: Coloring contest ~

December 24th - January 1st

Find the winning line art in the oekaki coloring book, "Continue" and color it as nicely as you can (within the lines or at least on a different layer so it doesn't smear), don't forget your shading and special effects! If the line art represents existing characters, feel free to ignore their usual color schemes. Just be creative! (but show some respect to the original artist and don't significantly alter the line art)

will be done according to the number of "favorites" a piece collects until the deadline of January 4th. The winner of Part 1 is disqualified for this round.

there will be prize badges for the winners, and the final winning picture will be featured in an announcement


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December 22, 2012 9:03 (11 years ago)
The line art contest is closed!

Be sure to mark all your favorites this weekend!
December 22, 2012 9:07 (11 years ago)
Just look through the coloring book for them?
December 22, 2012 9:42 (11 years ago)
Hmm, that's a good idea I'll make sure they show up in the coloring book for you guys to make voting easier! (though you can't color them yet)

In the mean time I'll think of something to collect all the entries for the next round.
December 22, 2012 10:02 (11 years ago)
December 24, 2012 23:39 (11 years ago)
The results of the line art contest are as follows:

1st place with 7 votes

2nd place with 6 votes

tie at 3rd place with 2 votes

Furthermore we have an honorable mention for the best background, which goes to:

Congratulations, all!
As you can see, it's a very close call, but the nevertheless the winner is Locket.Ness, with her lovely picture of Rin hunting fairies at the meadows, meaning that her line art is to be colored for round 2: The Coloring Contest. So let the games begin!
December 25, 2012 9:41 (11 years ago)
Here's a hint: the button for flood fill is called "Fill", it's next to the Undo button.
December 25, 2012 9:48 (11 years ago)
Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Ugh, I'm such a dunce sometimes XD I just figured out how to move layers around lol. Now I know for next time though. Thanks!
December 25, 2012 13:13 (11 years ago)
You're in luck though, flood fill only helps if the line art was made using the pencil tool, like Locket did.
December 25, 2012 13:23 (11 years ago)
December 25, 2012 17:40 (11 years ago)
How do i post the award on my profile?
December 25, 2012 23:03 (11 years ago)
Like this, Amy:
December 26, 2012 13:58 (11 years ago)
Thanks xP
January 2, 2013 9:00 (11 years ago)
You can no longer enter!

Please check if your entry is there:
List of entries
January 4, 2013 8:10 (11 years ago)
Only one day of voting left! Be sure to mark all your favorites!
January 7, 2013 19:01 (11 years ago)
We have our winners! The voting was inconclusive, so Alina and I judged.

by coolcool9090 with 4 votes

by Aye with 4 votes

by Pink Rose with 3 votes

Mod pick for Fellishia for having the most psychedelic snow and realistic tree shading at the same time!

Congratulations all!