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Okay, so no-one has asked anything yet. Still I thought this would be useful XP Also, ask away if you have any questions!

What's oekaki?
It's a Japanese invention where a bunch of people doodle together on a message board.

The oekaki is being blocked by my computer/browser! Does it contain a virus?
No, this is because the oekaki is an old Java program and recently those have been tagged as suspicious by Microsoft and Google. If you want to run it you still can, but first you might need to add to your safe list at the 'Security' tab of 'Configure Java' at the Control Panel on your computer first. A browser we know still supports the oekaki program is Firefox.

What do I do when I'm done with my picture?
Hit the Upload button in the upper left.

Why has my picture gotten all small?
Two possible reasons: either it's an older picture or a mod did it most likely due to lack of quality or inappropriate content, indicating it will eventually be hidden from view completely.

Will my picture always stay up?
If it isn't a doll item, most likely not. We don't have a lot of server space available so be sure to save your own copy!

How can these other people draw so quickly?
They are most likely using a graphic tablet and the JTablet plugin.

Will the item I drew automatically qualify for the site?
No, it still has to be pixel art of decent quality. Hint: Only use the pencil brush! We're still working on a way to submit items from the oekaki directly.

What am I supposed to do with the doll at the bottom when I go to draw in freestyle mode?
You can use it to insert your doll into your picture. That way you could put together a little comic or something. If you change clothes in another tab you can have multiple outfits in it as well.

How am I supposed to start off when I go to draw in item mode?
First, press the button right below the drawing program. It will insert a doll base. Then draw your item on a layer above the doll base.

What's a layer?
They're like transparent sheets you can put on top of each other. Wise artists use different layers for their sketch, line art, coloring etc.

I want to make my animation into a little story instead of just drawing a picture...
By all means do! XD

My oekaki page is black! What's wrong?
This is most likely because your Java applet needs to be updated. Visit the official Java site and find the version for your operating system to update.

How do I get the special tablet pressure sensitivity tools?
First choose 'Get Tablet Plugin' from the menu. Install the plugin. Then you may have to restart your browser. Start your drawing. First select the brush you want to use, then open the tablet menu by clicking "P" in the top right of the canvas, and play around with the brush size. Once I close this menu I can't open it anymore, so choose your settings carefully.

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June 13, 2010 19:36 (13 years ago)
All I see are black squares... Even when I try to draw, it's just black!
Rose Mouse
June 15, 2010 22:58 (13 years ago)
Am I missing a plug-in?
Rose Mouse
June 18, 2010 17:12 (13 years ago)
:) Im new and im already loving it up with my dress up dollie :)
June 19, 2010 21:22 (13 years ago)
Black squares? If you have Java on your computer, it should work, I think. Perhaps there should be a Q about that, though.
June 20, 2010 5:34 (13 years ago)
Hm.. maybe I'll try updating or reinstalling my Java then. Thanks, I'll let you know what happens.
Rose Mouse
June 21, 2010 22:39 (13 years ago)
Nope, it's not my Java. Wonder what it could be...
Rose Mouse
June 24, 2010 0:34 (13 years ago)
Alright it was my Java. I uninstalled it the reinstalled it. Now it works.
Rose Mouse
June 24, 2010 18:18 (13 years ago)
Good! I'm glad, let's see some pictures!
June 25, 2010 18:09 (13 years ago)
Heh... I'm not that great... but I'll try.
Rose Mouse
June 29, 2010 1:23 (13 years ago)
I guess there's no way to recover a picture when you stupidly change the page on accident huh?
June 29, 2010 8:42 (13 years ago)
Doesn't it ask to restore your last picture when you go in to draw again?

Other than that there is no way to recover it, sorry. It's best to take screenshots regularly.
June 29, 2010 11:08 (13 years ago)
It didn't ask me to restore it and I did take a screenshot, so that's good. But I wish had been able to finish it. I think I was doing pretty good.. Oh well. I shall keep my screenshot on my profile! lol
July 11, 2010 22:36 (13 years ago)
Oh poo! I lost my drawing! When I tried to submit it, the last window had some message I didn't quite understand. I thought it went through, but it isn't on the main oekaki page.
Rose Mouse
July 12, 2010 23:38 (13 years ago)
I tried again and got the same thing.

That's the message.
Rose Mouse
July 12, 2010 23:39 (13 years ago)
Eep, sorry stretched the page!
"I tried again and got the same thing.
That's the message"
Rose Mouse
July 13, 2010 18:30 (13 years ago)
Does this happen every time you try to submit a drawing? Could it be the space in your name again? I hope you took a screenshot, because I checked and it really didn't save.
July 13, 2010 20:59 (13 years ago)
It was -again- because of the space... I fixed it now. But if anyone gets the error message shown above, please make a screenshot of your image because it means it can't save.

Sorry about your picture.

And... I made it work for spaces but if you have other weird characters in your username (like any you don't normally see in a URL) it will most likely break.
July 13, 2010 22:04 (13 years ago)
Haha, that darn space! Thank you Karin. Unfortunately I didn't screenie it, but that's okay, it was just a quick little thing I did. I could do it again easily.
Rose Mouse
August 25, 2010 3:31 (13 years ago)
Hrm, it seems the space in which the oekaki board is in, is very squished.. I don't know how to explain it, so here a screen shot:
Rose Mouse
August 25, 2010 18:01 (13 years ago)
Thanks for noticing, I'll fix it. (the layout changes have some unexpected effects it seems)
August 26, 2010 22:25 (13 years ago)
Thanks! It's so much better now, really like the size. I'll be doing some drawing soon!
Rose Mouse
November 20, 2010 14:12 (13 years ago)
My oekaki screen is black, is that an issue or it's just my tablet?
November 21, 2010 0:38 (13 years ago)
It's your Java, Kimi.
Visit their site:
and upgrade it.
Rose Mouse
January 7, 2011 23:43 (13 years ago)
Is this just my computer, and if so, can I fix it somehow? When I use the Oekaki and want to change brush size, it doesn't show up when I try to use it. Like, say I made the brush size 10px or something. Then when I try to draw with it, nothing shows up. But if I navigate away from the Oekaki and go back and click to re-load it, the marks show up. So basically, I can only draw with the larger brush size, but it doesn't show up until I re-load it again. Does this make any sense? The same thing also sometimes happens with color. It doesn't do this every time, but usually it does.
January 10, 2011 21:28 (13 years ago)
I don't get any glitches like that. Which browsers have you tried? If it's not your browser you might need to update your Java.
January 11, 2011 0:44 (13 years ago)
I think Google Chrome is my browser now. Though it was doing this when I had Internet Explorer, as well. I think I updated my Java fairly recently, but I'll try that.
January 11, 2011 0:51 (13 years ago)
I updated my Java to what it recommended, but it didn't help. Does the Oekaki not work with Google Chrome or something?
January 11, 2011 17:30 (13 years ago)
It's very likely that Oekaki doesn't work with certain browsers.
I've never had problems with Firefox; try that and let us know.
If it's not affected by your browser or plug-ins (Java) then that problem lies elsewhere.
Rose Mouse
January 21, 2011 13:00 (13 years ago)
The screen isn't appearing!What's wrong?Is it because I need plug-in?Or maybe it won't work on this laptop?
Raspberry GURL
January 21, 2011 13:01 (13 years ago)
Oh goodie!My browser is Firefox!
Raspberry GURL
January 22, 2011 0:04 (13 years ago)
You need to have Java. Visit the link above to download it.
Rose Mouse
January 22, 2011 10:59 (13 years ago)
Okay.I'll try it later,I need permission always from my parents.I'm using mom's laptop because it's fast!
Raspberry GURL
April 5, 2011 3:25 (13 years ago)
nice one~
April 25, 2011 11:24 (13 years ago)
Can I make oekaki using macbook?I clicked the upload button but it won't work.
Raspberry GURL
April 25, 2011 19:05 (13 years ago)
I don't see why not, but I don't know since I don't have one. Sorry if you lost your picture that way. I advice to always take a screenshot before hitting the upload button.
May 18, 2011 12:26 (12 years ago)
ummm.. if I submitted 2 drawings does it means I should draw tomorrow or something? i'm a bit curious
May 18, 2011 12:49 (12 years ago)
yes there is 2 drawing limit.....i guess
May 18, 2011 21:33 (12 years ago)
Like in the chat box you can only post a limited number in a row (is it 2? I can't remember), until someone else posts one.

This is to stop people from spamming. But you can always continue with a picture or hide the one you like the least and draw a new picture.
May 19, 2011 0:31 (12 years ago)
its 3.
August 11, 2011 6:56 (12 years ago)
umm.. do you have to have a tablet or something?
August 11, 2011 18:44 (12 years ago)
No, but it makes it easier. When I started out I used a mouse, too.