Oh what is this to be now? A drifter? You must be. Who else would honestly visit this dull corner. If you lost your way by all honesty, your way to freedom of this wasted area is at the bottom or top. Trusting to be the lazy sort, your top dressing room exit is up the sandbag rope of this stage.

Now then--what? You're still here? What more do you want? Brownie Girl scout cookies? Muffins? Cake?

. . .

Oh the devil, this isn't a bakery. Why would a ghost run one? I lack taste and be well enough to hand over some piece of decorated rock or those kitchen mistakes of too much salt instead of sugar.

Now shoo, go back to the wonderland you're suppose to be going to.

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August 13, 2010 8:56 (13 years ago)
Did you miss me? *Huggles*
August 30, 2010 23:39 (13 years ago)
August 31, 2010 0:00 (13 years ago)
wow I like the oekaki thingy ^^
December 1, 2010 11:16 (13 years ago)
*jumps on* 8<

Edea Sorceress
December 12, 2010 10:18 (13 years ago)
I'll try to get on here more often, 'mkay. TxT

I'm sorry I left your rp all of a sudden, btw.
Edea Sorceress
December 15, 2010 5:22 (13 years ago)
Thank you. I was surprised at how the site has improved in terms of the layout and stuffs.

And, good day! I really missed you, all! T^T *hugs*
December 22, 2010 16:33 (13 years ago)
Hi there!

Well, things here really got me for a long time especially my studies and finances. But I'm coping with them, fortunately. It kinda depresses me that I got a cold just after I'm finally free from school. Nevertheless, I'll still participate on the events here as much as possible.

How are you doing?
March 23, 2011 5:36 (13 years ago)
Hi waltz! Haven't seen you around much. I really like your profile.
April 26, 2011 2:06 (13 years ago)
Happy Birthday!
April 26, 2011 4:20 (13 years ago)
Happy Birthday Waltz! <3
April 26, 2011 7:47 (13 years ago)
Happy Birthday Waltz!
July 10, 2011 0:12 (12 years ago)
this is your forgotten past... haunting yooou~ O_O
December 4, 2011 2:17 (12 years ago)
Yes, I am, you sexy thing~
December 4, 2011 2:45 (12 years ago)
Everyone may think what My thoughts about you are
December 4, 2011 2:45 (12 years ago)
may see*