Sup, my name is Misha.
I am a guy, mostly gay, Ukrainian-Israeli and Jewish.
My username on kofk is Sin, same as here.

That's all, I think C:
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October 7, 2009 22:55 ()
^w^ thanks!!! actually i'm not great to make items X3 but that comes out pretty nice :3
so happy that all you liked it ^///^ items are awesome! :3
the widow dress is charming! :3 are you going to made evean a corpsbride one? *w*
anyway couldn't wait to see more yours work Misha-kun! ^w^ <3
October 7, 2009 23:09 ()
*jumps in again* :D

anyway..just curious.. what is your sin Sin? :3?
mine top 3 are:
^w^'' but maybe was better don't say it :P
October 8, 2009 0:40 ()
aww.. you should try to look at it! :3 it's not my favorite Tim Burton's film but it's really nice anyway ^^
(i'm a big fan of Tim Burton / Jonny Deap films XDD )

really? :3 wouldn't thought it! :3
X3 i thought it could be lust X3 sorry.. professional bias X3 lol.. is just that i have a friend that's such a "bitch" (in a good way X3) lol
sorry.. you would thought i'm really rude >.<'' ^^'' please forgive me.. please X3

anyway i'm a bit pride too :3
but i'm too insicure so i try to keep it hidden >w<

anyway.. where do you live? :3 if i could ask, obviously ^^''
:3 i'm italian :D that's why i'm so odd ^^'' lol
October 8, 2009 1:14 ()
do you mean flattered in a fine way or not?
(my english isn't great..totally.. so please forgive me it i misunderstand or make some grammar mistake ^^'')
'cause if is in a bad way.. sorry!!!!!!!!!!
*bows and offers you a dish of apologize cookies* ;w;

anyway aww ^w^ happy for you! :3
mine friend is few weeks that is in canada, in quebec with erasmus :3 , she said is really nice even if is a little bit colder than here in this month ^^'' the only thing she miss a lot is the food ^^'' but that's normal lol..

I hope to have the chance to move a lot too.. think it make a person grow up :3
i decided to try to go with voluntary association the next summer (i'm studing medicine at university, and even if i'm not the great of my year i really love it.. X3 ).. one of my "school-mate" went in tanzania this summer.. and he told me that was a really hard but great experience too..

ps. thanks >w< you're too kind.. happy you like my items X3
actually if you tryed to do them surely would look better X3 just look at your haris.. thry're great! i haven't the patience and i'm not so good to make such great work >w<
October 8, 2009 1:26 ()
can i give you just a suggestion..
the widow dress is really nice, but maybe you would edit/add the Peace arm 'cause in this pose it look a bit strange (look like one of the "widow-legs" of the dress is cutted)

apart that is GREAT! :3
October 8, 2009 5:24 ()

I feel like I have somehow discouraged you from making clothes.

This was not my intention at all... ; ;
October 9, 2009 14:34 ()
^w^ Jiuly fa number1 of Sin :3
*jiuly chears you and throw confetti*
October 10, 2009 16:50 ()
sure! >w< <3
October 10, 2009 23:37 ()
can i ask you a big favour..if you have time..obviously ^^''

i'm reallyreally bad makeing hairs ;_; i thought this but the base look somehow wrong.. :,(
i tryed to make look better but all my try fails.. can you help me? çwç ? you're so good! >.<''
if not don't mind.. i'll undertand
thanks >///<
October 24, 2009 20:03 ()
You're Jewish too? I've only met one other Jewish person online.
November 14, 2009 18:32 ()
aww.. sin!!!
*jump and hug you tight*
how're you?!? >w< i miss you a lot! >w<
December 5, 2009 1:49 ()
December 5, 2009 4:50 ()
Happy Birthday!
December 5, 2009 16:32 ()
Happy birthday~
April 24, 2011 11:18 (11 years ago)
hi are you a new user in gurpnet?
hannah naomi