Hey guys. I'm Magenta, call me Rani. Kinda making a way around the site. Care to guide this little newbie?~ :P

The Pen name: Rani
The Real Name: Seira Rania Z. Williams
Candles on the Cake: 15, gonna be 16 this month!~
My Kingdom: Toronto, Canada (No, we do NOT say "Eh".)
Likes: Bacon (yes, I like Bacon. got a problem?), the color Magenta, rain
Dislikes: YOU. LOLJK. I love ya~ <3 (Like a love song, baby.~)

So those are the basics about me. I'll code this later. :3

Anyway, this is my sis, Raine. We are sisters in RL. :))


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Welcome to CPDDU~!
November 3, 2011 18:36 (10 years ago)
Welcome to the site!
I have to say your outfit is absolutely adorable. ^-^
Elle Xias
November 25, 2011 12:49 (10 years ago)
Welcome to the site !
Happy Birthday Magenta :D
Pink Rose